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I’m a butterfly having a human experience…

Egg plus sperm: Could it be Happy Father’s Day?

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Moms get so much of the glory — and deservedly so. But, sometimes, it seems fathers and their value is under appreciated and undervalued. And that just isn’t right!

Because while he does not carry and push life out into this world, a father is an essential contributor to its creation. And his continued presence and involvement is essential if the child he helped to create is to thrive spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Did you win the great father lottery?

If you’re lucky, you know who your father is.

If you’re luckier, he’s deserving of your respect and your adoration and love because of his upright character…

Ladies, it’s up to us and the real men who love and support us…

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We live in perilous times still! Humanity needs the inspired hearts and wills of sane women now. This has always been the truth. But today, for the first time in history, we can visually bear witness to the pain and suffering of others seven worlds away.

Like it or not, we now have a front row seats to all this absurd misery live and in high-definition colour on our TVs at homes; on our smartphones and tablets; on magazine covers at the checkout lane; and even at the airport while we wait for our flight to board. …

You can deal with more batsh*t than you think

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Don’t pray for an easy life. Pray for strength to endure a difficult one. ~ Bruce Lee

I was diagnosed with a 2.5cm acoustic neuroma, a rare, “benign” brain tumor, in March 2011. I still wish to God I had never had this thing in my head or suffered for over a decade with the fallout of having something in my head that had no damn business in there. But I’m still here in 2021, and my batsh*t brain tumor journey has “gifted” me a lesson about what I am made of.

It’s a long arse story that is still…

We’re an “investment.” Happy enough is not a enough.

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I’m happy enough. I don’t expect much. I don’t give much. I don’t get much. I’m happy enough. ~ Waitress, a movie (2007)

We’re living in detestable times. At all four corners of the Earth, we humans are reveling in war, chaos, and unrest. Humanity is awake and it’s vexed and throwing tantrums like a two-year old.

Truth is, humanity’s immaturity is nothing new — our nonsensical misbehavior has been on repeat since we began to walk upright. It’s what we’ve done and what we do.

Only now, anyone with a smartphone can capture and transmit our ignorance, stupidity, selfishness…

Before you chomp into that extra crispy drumstick, consider this: It’s a day of sorrow

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In the U.S.A, on the last Monday in the month of May, we take a day to remember — to remember all the men and women who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces. Monday is Memorial Day — and it’s a day of sorrow.

A white cross = a life unfinished

In my hometown, the week before Memorial Day, the local government posts along the side of main roads hundreds of white crosses. Each cross proudly flying an American flag and a name.

Each cross carries the faceless name of someone who sacrificed their hopes, their dreams, their loves, and their life for an…

Watch this 4-minute video. And get it if you’re not selfish or stupid. It’s time for a fracking revolution…

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They are the fugly twin beasts of hate and ignorance! And Black people in America and across the globe are intimately familiar with their hideous loathsomeness.

They are the massive crosses of injustice we carry on our black backs! They are the waking and sleeping nightmare that follows us on the streets, in our vehicles, in our schools, in the workplace, in church, in courtrooms.

Twin Beasts of Hate Are Thriving

For Black people, there’s no escape from the fugly twin beasts of hate. What are these twin beasts I speak of?

White Privilege! Systemic Racism!

Check out the video below. It brilliantly and visually illustrates…

You’re not alone. What the frack is humanity doing? Because whatever the hell it is, unless we stop it, it’s guaranteed to be our undoing

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I’m a Black person. I’ve suffered my share of micro and macro aggressions at the hands of White people and white privilege.

I’m a woman. I’ve been sexually harassed, inappropriately touched and propositioned in the work place and elsewhere. And I know what it means to fear being victimized by a man.

I’m a human being-and the rise of T***pism; the handling of and the response to COVID-19 pandemic; the evil misdeeds of the Republican party; and more has revealed how hostile, dangerous, and hopeless life in America and on planet Earth is.

More than once, my heart has been…

If time travel was a thing and we could be reborn at age 18

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By the time we arrive at a “certain” age, we can’t help but contemplate how life and the choices we’ve made have impacted the content and quality of our life. How our life could have been, possibly, different — better — if only we had known this or known that, so we could’ve done this instead of that.

For most of us of a “certain” age, it’s hasn’t been an easy journey to this point in our life, somewhere between the beginning and a little too close to oblivion. …

What we do to “others,” we do to “us”

After thousands of years of being on the merry-go-round of human existence, we still can’t seem to let go of our intolerance and our hate of other people who differ from us in ways they didn’t or can’t choose. Arbitrary hate is nonsensical.

Hate and intolerance can never be solutions.

Hating Random Human Features Is Illogical

You’re white, I’m non-white.

Your skin is light, my skin is dark.

You’re male, I’m female.

You’re the beneficiary of male “supremacy,” and I’m the potential victim of male “supremacy.”

You’re the beneficiary or the potential beneficiary of white privilege, and I’m the beneficiary of systemic racism.

You inherited wealth…

However, here are 3 pretty ways to say “No”

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For many of us, “no” may be the hardest word to voice. But why is voicing a petite word of just two letters and one syllable fraught with so much fear and angst? Why do so many of us choose to live whole lives built on lies and damn lies rather than hear or say, “No?”

Well, maybe it’s because we think we’ll be judged as “mean,” “unkind,” “not nice,” and/or “not a team player.” If this is the fear, is this the truth?

Is “No” a Dirty Word?

It’s fair to say most of us want to be thought of as “nice.” After all…

Janine Helligar

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